Hidden Spots!

On this website you will be able to read in the future about hidden spots and activities in Belgium, France, Ukraine, … anywhere.

All known wonders of the world are worth a visit, it is sometimes nice to even get away from it. Certainly what it means crowds.
Nice places to go are not limited to such old hotspots that have been mentioned in guides forever.

So for your next vacation, instead of that place where you hear a million people talking about, you visit one of these hidden spots in the world.

This way you discover experiences that you will never know otherwise.
Places and activities where nothing of little information about to find back and are worth to visit and to do.
Places to come to rest, where something nice is to see, something fun to do, … you will find them here.

Locations that you never thought to visit, but you should really do that.

We want to provide you with truthful messages and a nice insight into these hidden spots.
All these places we visited ourselves and did the activities themselves.

We offer our information in 3 languages, Dutch, English and Russian. To give you the best possible information about our hidden places.
If you would like questions of comments to make a proposal, you can always contact us via our contact page.

We hope to have experienced you with our hidden spots for a nice day trip or weekend.

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